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Minister of health in Moscow Oblast in Russia Vladimir Y. Semenov

Vladimir Yurevich Semenov - the Minister of Health of the Government of Moscow Region. Semenov was born on May, 7th, 1956 in the city of Moscow.

In 1979 has finished medical faculty of the First Moscow award of Lenin medical institute of a name of I.M.Setchenov (magna cum laude). In 1982 after finishing of postgraduate study has successfully completed the dissertation on competition of a scientific degree of the candidate of medical sciences (PhD). As the organizer of public health services has begun the labor activity in 1986 in All-Union Scientifically research institute of social hygiene and the organization of public health services in name of N.A.Semashko in the beginning the senior research assistant, later the head of Department of economic management methods. Developed standard documents for Ministry of Health of the USSR, Ministry of Health of RSFSR and Ministerial council the Governments of RSFSR on public health services reform, including on introduction of a new economic mechanism, and also carried out scientific support of reform in the Kemerovo, Kuibyshev (Samara), Novgorod, Moscow areas and in the city of Leningrad.

In 1993 with introduction in the Russian Federation systems of obligatory medical insurance of citizens has passed to work in Federal Fund of obligatory medical insurance as the head of department, then the first deputy of the chief executive of Federal Fund OMS (obligatory medical insurance). Is one of developers of system OMS in our country. With his direct participation the most part standard the legal base regulating activity of system, including the Law of the Russian Federation About medical insurance of citizens in the Russian Federation is developed, and also structure OMS is generated. In 1996 has protected the thesis for a doctor's degree on a theme Scientific bases of obligatory medical insurance in the course of public health services reforming.

Since March, 1999 works in Central administrative board of public health services of Moscow Region: at first the deputy chief of Central administrative board on economic problems, then (since March, 1st, 2000) the Minister of Health of the Government of Moscow Region. In 2000 has ended the Russian economic academy of a name of G.V.Plehanova on a speciality the Finance and the credit.

For the purpose of development of system of public health services of Moscow Region in 2000 by the Government of Moscow Region the Moscow regional program of the state guarantees of maintenance of citizens of the Russian Federation free medical aid which has defined the mechanism of realization of constitutional laws of citizens in reception of free medical aid in medical preventive establishments of Moscow Region for the first time has been accepted. Since 2000 transition to standard planning of expenses of municipal budgets of public health services of Moscow Region on the basis of confirmed by the Government of Moscow Region of specifications of the budgetary security applied at drawing up of look-ahead indicators of municipal budgets of public health services on the next year is carried out.

Minister of health in Moscow Oblast in Russia Vladimir Y. Semenov


map of Moscow oblast districts in Russia

Districts of Moscow oblast in Russia:

  1. Balashikhinsky
  2. Chekhovsky
  3. Dmitrovsky
  4. Domodedovsky
  5. Istrinsky
  6. Kashirsky
  7. Klinsky
  8. Kolomensky
  9. Krasnogorsky
  10. Leninsky
  11. Lotoshinsky
  12. Lukhovitsky
  13. Lyuberetsky
  14. Mozhaysky
  15. Mytishchinsky
  16. Naro-Fominsky
  17. Noginsky
  18. Odintsovsky
  19. Ozyorsky
  20. Orekhovo-Zuyevsky
  21. Pavlovo-Posadsky
  22. Podolsky
  23. Pushkinsky
  24. Ramensky
  25. Ruzsky
  26. Sergievo-Posadsky
  27. Serebryano-Prudsky
  28. Serpukhovsky
  29. Shatursky
  30. Shakhovskoy
  31. Shchyolkovsky
  32. Solnechnogorsky
  33. Stupinsky
  34. Taldomsky
  35. Volokolamsky
  36. Voskresensky
  37. Yegoryevsky
  38. Zaraysky
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