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Minister of health in Volgograd Oblast in Russia Marina S. Dvoretskaya

Since July, 1st, 2010 the chairman of Committee on public health services of Administration of the Volgograd region appoints Dvoretskaya Marina Stanislavovna.

Marina Stanislavovna was born on December, 31st, 1961 in Volgograd. In 1986 she graduated from the Volgograd state medical institute. All her professional work is connected with the Volgograd regional cardiologic centre. After the internship she worked in polyclinic of this medical institution as the doctor-cardiologist. 1996 - 2001 – managing organizational-methodical department, since January, 2002 she held a post of the assistant to the head physician on polyclinic work of cardio-center.

Marina Stanislavovna is awarded with a medal of Health Ministry of Russian Federation «the Honours of public health services», certificates of honour of administration of the Volgograd region and the Volgograd regional Duma, the letter of thanks of the pluripotentiary of the President in South federal district, the Central Committee of Trade unions of medical workers.

OUR ACHIEVEMENTS. For last eight years more than 30 objects of public health services have been constructed, reconstructed or translated in new premises in budget cost of 1,4 billion roubles. Polyclinics in Kumylzhensky and Kotelnikovsky areas, maternity hospital in Bykovsky area, the central regional hospital in the Old Poltava area, Ust-Buzuluksky local hospital in Alekseevsky area, regional psychiatric hospital № 3 in Mihajlovsky area, regional children's psychiatric hospital and the new case of children's clinical hospital № 8 in Volgograd, children's polyclinic in the city of Volzhsk, Volgograd regional уронефрологический the centre and other establishments in area areas are put into operation the Volgograd regional clinical cardiological centre.

In 2008 building of the Federal centre of transplantation of bodies and a dialysis proceeded. In 2007 has been put in operation, and in 2008 has earned on a total power the Medical diagnostic centre in Mikhailovka. In the city of Volgograd it will be constructed Regional перинатальный the Center. Centre input in operation is planned for December, 2009.

Minister of health in Volgograd Oblast in Russia Marina S. Dvoretskaya


map of Volgograd oblast districts in Russia

Cities and towns under the Volgograd oblast's jurisdiction:

  1. Volgograd (Волгоград) (administrative center)
  2. Frolovo (Фролово)
  3. Kamyshin (Камышин)
  4. Mikhaylovka (Михайловка)
  5. Uryupinsk (Урюпинск)
  6. Volzhsky (Волжский)

Districts of Volgograd Oblast:

  1. Alexeyevsky (Алексеевский)
  2. Bykovsky (Быковский)
  3. Chernyshkovsky (Чернышковский)
  4. Danilovsky (Даниловский)
  5. Dubovsky (Дубовский)
  6. Frolovsky (Фроловский)
  7. Gorodishchensky (Городищенский)
  8. Ilovlinsky (Иловлинский)
  9. Kalachyovsky (Калачёвский)
  10. Kamyshinsky (Камышинский)
  11. Kikvidzensky (Киквидзенский)
  12. Kletsky (Клетский)
  13. Kotelnikovsky (Котельниковский)
  14. Kotovsky (Котовский)
  15. Kumylzhensky (Кумылженский)
  16. Leninsky (Ленинский)
  17. Mikhaylovsky (Михайловский)
  18. Nekhayevsky (Нехаевский)
  19. Nikolayevsky (Николаевский)
  20. Novoanninsky (Новоаннинский)
  21. Novonikolayevsky (Новониколаевский)
  22. Oktyabrsky (Октябрьский)
  23. Olkhovsky (Ольховский)
  24. Pallasovsky (Палласовский)
  25. Rudnyansky (Руднянский)
  26. Serafimovichsky (Серафимовичский)
  27. Sredneakhtubinsky (Среднеахтубинский)
  28. Staropoltavsky (Старополтавский)
  29. Surovikinsky (Суровикинский)
  30. Svetloyarsky (Светлоярский)
  31. Uryupinsky (Урюпинский)
  32. Yelansky (Еланский)
  33. Zhirnovsky (Жирновский)
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