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Minister of health in Guernsey Hunter Adam

A Scot by birth, I came to Guernsey to work as a doctor in 1984 and have lived in Castel for 24 years.

First elected in 2001, in 7 years as Deputy I have served on:-
3 Departments, Home, Education and Health and Social Services
2 States Committees- Public Sector Remuneration (as Vice-Chairman) and Scrutiny
Board of Guille-Alles and Priaulx Library
Electricity Board before commercialization

As a States member I consider issues by research, listening to views, analyzing, then reach a balanced conclusion. In debate I argue this view but accept the majority decision.

I have the enthusiasm and commitment to serve another term and have the experience and ability to be effective in government.

I want my chosen home to continue being a good place for all islanders to live; to maintain its independence and traditions within an increasingly interdependent world; to have a successful economy that can provide for a good standard of public services while maintaining the balance of population and having concern for the physical and social environment.

My aims for the next House include:-

Government spending revenue expenditure must be vigilantly controlled. Priorities must be defined and agreed.

Economy a vibrant finance sector is essential; new enterprise in other sectors should be encouraged

Taxation the principle of zero-ten should be supported. Additional taxation should protect those least well-off.

Education - redevelopment of Les Beaucamps and La Mare de Carteret; assessment of primary school place requirements; extension of pre-school provision.

Health - reduction in preventable ill-health; improved mental health provision; continued scrutiny of off-island placement to ensure best treatment and cost-efficiency.

Waste treatment facilities for both solid and liquid waste. I support recycling where viable and incineration for the remainder, including sludge from sewage treatment.

Policing resourcing for community policing to tackle petty crime and vandalism.

Hunter Adam minister of health in Guernsey

map of Guernsey parishes


The island of Guernsey is divided into ten parishes. The smaller islands of Alderney and Sark are not parishes of Guernsey, except in ecclesiastical terms (like Guernsey, their parishes fall under the Bishopric of Winchester and their respective parish churches are Saint Anne and Saint Peter).

  1. Castel
  2. Forest
  3. St Andrew
  4. St Martin
  5. St Peter Port
  6. St Pierre du Bois
  7. St Sampson
  8. St Saviour
  9. Torteval
  10. Vale
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