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There are companies/names/brands which products I use, they changed my life for the better and which I admire. This is a list of my favorites With time it will be a long one (when I put in all I remember) but it doesn't mean that any item means less to me. Order is chaotic listed by remembering.

google Thank you, Sergey Brin and Larry Page and all who work to develop Google! You help me every day. The project "Google maps" radically changed my attitude to our "small world".
 May be other cars are not worse, but I with my Silve toyota corolla traveled a lot and can tell for sure: people who work in toyota are fanatic about quality! Thank you, Mr. Toyodo and all the employees of Toyota company! My car helped me a lot in some situations in my life. He passed a lot of examinations on russian roads.
 Thank you for sharing food for my brain and soul :)
 It's an amazing project! I use it very often! I don't understand exactly how it works, what are the motives of people who work upon it except of increasing rating o own websites using wikipedia citing. Thank you Jimmy Wales and all who work there!


Drunvalo Melhisedek Ancient mystery of flower of life

(In Russian) Vol. 1 (pdf 11,5 Mb) ::: Vol. 2 (djvu 6,5 Mb)

It's interesting, especially after wathching this (found on Andrey Sklyarov




Richard Branson as a symbol for me

Loosing my virginity (in Russian) (doc 3,5 Mb).


Bertrand "home" project


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