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Update of this resource

October 19, 2010

This weekend we were reading with my mom the book of Vadim Zeland, Transurfing of reality to renew my ideas about living. I began to publish the list of medical books and literature which is located in my harddrive, but I realised that mostly I can find the book by googling much faster than by searching it in the labyrinth of my harddrive. So my motivation met a strong challenge of actuality. But then I decided that it will be useful to know which books exist on different medical topics ant I continued listing my medbooks. Medical books in russian language are in russian section and medical books in English are in English section of the website.


Zeitgeist movie

October 05, 2010

I watched Zeitgeist movie, the second part and critics of it. Thinking and rethinking about the situation in the world. A lot of provocative films appear last years. Many of them are aggressively conradictious, what makes me think they are not authentic. I liked the idea, it lies in sphere of my life perception, but it is in my opinion too far away from the reality, there is no credible conception to what type of society should we swicth from unfair capitalism. Anyway, we'll live and see. If it's effective, it will appear. I believe in better world.


Zeitgeist movie Zeitgeist movement

Venus project

Then I read the book of Nikolay Starikov - "Saving dollar is war" or "Safety of dollar is in war" (russian pun). I think there is some truth in his words, but again he is too categorical. You can not check his arguments and after his book I felt that I can not trust anyone and in anything in the world. I felt myself the victim of information war. But with time I got better :)

Safety of dollar is in war         Nikolay Starikov

Then I watched the movies Wag the dog and Network, 1976 and they added some details in the whole picture.

Wag the dog         Network movie 1976


Marianna's gallery

September 30, 2010

During last week I was creating gallery on my website. There are lots of my photos there now (approx. 1500). I wanted to highlight all important steps of my life from one hand and to be brief from the other hand. If you are interested - welcome!


Internet for Peace

September 21, 2010

"The Internet is not a thing, a place, a single technology, or a mode of governance. It is an agreement. " John Gage, Director of Science, Sun Microsystems, Inc. It's very close to what I was thinking about recent days my world.


Website update

September 16, 2010

See in the sitemap the new webpages in the project. Cortical visual prosthesis О кортикальном зрительном протезе here >> О international society of blind and visually impaired people for humankind progression cooperation (ISB(VIP)HPC) here >> and my world of future "here >>". Also about teleophthalmology here >> and eye-file system overview here >>


Trip to Switzerland and Neuschwanstein

September 09, 2010

From 23 August till 2 September I was in a trip. First, I participated in nanobio Zurich 2010. At an exhibitionI knew an interesting project supported by Nikon It is about light and electron microscopy, a lot of materials concerning methodology and peculiarities, also very beautiful gallery of microworld. My photos from trip are here >>


Home sweet home

August 24, 2010

Several times I faced the fact that people give to rent their own houses/flats to find themselves some other place to live where they rent a house/appartment. That makes me think if migration is so spreaded then why to buy all those real estate? If we can't take it with us after death and we never know if our children will like it and use it. I think it's only for one feeling: home sweet home...


Equiros - Moscow horse exhibition

August 20, 2010

I participated in 12-th Moscow horse exhibition named "Equiros-2010" for the first time. Lately I am very interested in horses, hobbies. jobs, activities and treatments somehow connected with them. There was a lot of interesting stuff there. I liked equihelp - horse helping compamy in Russia booth and the booth of peasant's working horse museum near Uglich town. I also read the russian magazine about horses - "Horse world" and the interview with FEI current president Her royal highness princess Haya there. I liked the interview very much and the attitude to horses and the horse sport perspectives outlined there. It was all very interesting for me because I like horses since childhood and I think hyppotherapy is a great sourse for many illnesses rehabilitation,

Equiros - russian horse exhibition

Equihelp - russian society helping horses in difficult situations    Museum of peasant horse in Russia


Bioball houses

August 19, 2010

Recently I came across bioball method in housebuilding in the internet, which interested me with original architecture and hemisphere design. I conacted with Vladimir and Alexander, company holders in Russia and visited the construcion in Moscow. The idea is interesting. But all the materials are common and could be easlily found everywhere. Also metallic construction is heated in the summer and is cold in winter if not sufficiently isolated. Initially the price was announced as 2000 Euros for a small hemisphere (approximately 4 meters in height) and 3500 euros for a large hemisphere (approximately 5 meters in height) but lately the prices had been corrected for 17500 Euros for the lagre one, that makes it competititve with other ways of building. Company owners estimate that such way of building is approved for all the climate conditions for the whole Russian territory and that this metal frame if one of the most durable contructions for a buiding of that class.

bioball bioball scheme

bioball big one


Up-to-date databases for everything in the world

August 15, 2010

Yesterday I was seeking the information about health ministers in Russian regions and put the data about them here in Marianna's website. Today I created some new webpages where I put alfa-versions of information about databases which would be useful and interesting to me: database for garden communities (second homes in the picturesque landscape) in Russia, database for all the working horseclubs in Russia, worldwide fundus-photo storage and analysis database.


Real-time google-maps in your pda

August 11, 2010

Today I found information about real-time google maps technology at You should see it with your own eyes! TED 2010 Blaise Aguera y Arcas demos augmented-reality maps. Also there are a lot more popular scientific fields reviwed by invited researches, it is worth surfing through. I found when I was looking for creation smart tag clouds and found It is an exciting idea of creating a vivid tag-cloud in shape of topics discussed by you.

Blaise Aguera y Arcas demos augmented-reality maps

Initially I wanted to create my own life-calendar (with visualisation techniques) for being able to emphasise most important events in my life with bigger letters (if all the names being clickable) so in my life at a first glance you could find out what had the major influence on me and what is most important in my life. Like zooming in Google maps: beginning from big periods of my life ending with most emotional and important events for one day. I think someone has already done something like this. If you are aware of it, please let me know. Also I found some interesting information about autobio (curriculum vitae) auto-creation basing on information, comments, photo and status in facebook.

Taxgedo tag cloud generator


"One eye people collection"

July 31, 2010

Found interesting "one eye people collection" in one korean (?) design student blog. As if they check their vision acuity :) funny. I liked it: Actually creator may be thought about something else, but from my professional point of view it's exactly vision acuity checking :) I watch thus picture practically every day.

one eye vision

one eye vision

one eye vision

one eye vision


More pictures >>


World wide fundus photo data base

July 09, 2010

Подумываю о том, чтобы создать полуавтоматическую систему анализа патологий глазного дна. Наверняка что-то подобное уже есть (как вариант, /, но насколько хорошо это работает и каков уровень сервиса, я не знаю. А вот держать актуальной и рабочей базу фундус-фото online - это вещь, конечно... Я думаю, весьма полезная. Особенно если каждые значительные изменения глазного дна человек будет документировать самостоятельно. Визуализация все же великая вещь. Намного удобнее, чем схематичный рисунок офтальмологом глазного дна в карте. Вот если схематическое обозначение обнаруженной патологии поверх мало что говорящей неопытному взгляду фотографии глазного дна с указанием патологии, вот это да...

Хочу проработать поисковые запросы:

fundus photography with interpretation and report

fundus photograph reading center

база фото глазного дна


World wide fundus photo data base

World wide fundus photo data base World wide fundus photo data base

World wide fundus photo data base

World wide fundus photo data base

  • world wide health minister database

  • horse clubs in Russia

  • gardens (dachas) in Russia

  • Genetic database and diseases. Genego



June 27, 2010

Updates in the ministers of health in the world website pages. I found interestinf articel:

I liked the picture:


Insight in the midnight

June 1, 2010

насчет возможности заниматься клиникой и неклиникой.
Мне кажется, что в недалеком будущем все же клиника и неклиника будут связаны в одном человеке (враче), потому что по-любому клиницист во всем разбираться не сможет.
Вот и представляется мне, что будут многочисленные группы по научным интересам, контактная информация о которых будет общедоступна. И пациент с определенной (не исключено - редкой) патологией будет направлен к клиницисту, имеющему эту патологию своим научным интересом.

Весь день занималась изучением материалов с сайта Опубликованные материалы с констатацией целей и путей развития, о наилучшем способе финансирования ВОЗ и систем здравоохранения в целом:

Объединение риска может быть осуществлено двумя способами:

  • Финансирование здравоохранения за счет налогов: правительство использует общий доход от налогов для финансирования здравоохранения. Все люди имеют право на получение медицинской помощи; следовательно, существует всеобщий охват населения.
  • Социальное медицинское страхование: взносы на здравоохранение собираются с трудящихся, самостоятельно занятых лиц, предприятий и правительства. Эти деньги объединяются в фонд или фонды социального медицинского страхования. При такой системе финансирования всеобщий охват населения может быть достигнут только тогда, когда отчисления делаются в интересах каждого члена общества, а при определении размера отчислений учитывается материальное положение людей. По этой причине многие системы социального медицинского страхования комбинируют различные источники финансовых средств, а правительство вносит плату за тех людей, которые сами не в состоянии этого сделать.

о сотрудничающих центрах ВОЗ - с удивлением нашла среди них наш обнинский ИМРНЦ РАН, институтт Гельмгольца, в качестве контактных лиц зхнакомых людей.

Почитала размышления Амосова о здоровье.

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