Marianna Ivanova
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Marianna Ivanova

Email: marianna.e.ivanova (a)


September 2001 July 2007
Lomonosov Moscow State University, Faculty of basic medicine
Speciality : physician
Diploma thesis: Tonometric IOP normatives in myopic patients

September 2007 September 2009
Russian medical academy of postgraduate education, Ophthalmology department
Speciality, degree gained: MD, ophthalmologist

October 2007 October 2008
Academy of national economy, Russian president affairs, Economic faculty
Speciality: IT manager, project manager, analyst
Diploma thesis: Organization of Internet business and social media usage in medical services (ophthalmology)

August 2008 September 2008
Kresge Eye Institute, Detroit medical center, MI, USA
Fellowship with professor James E. Puklin : Vitreoretinal surgery in patients with macular holes and retina detachment after LASIk surgery. Training with Sylvia Elfar for fabrication and implantation microelectrodes in monkey brain.

Marianna E. Ivanova

Work experience

January 2006 present
National Center of Neurology, Russian Academy of Medical Sciences
Position: research assistant, PhD student
PhD thesis: Experimental research of visual cortex stimulation parameters in cortical visual prosthesis development
Skills: research design and planning, experiment implementation, raw experimental results processing and analysis, literature review and analysis.

January 2008 December 2010
Association for development of medical information technology in Russia
Position: member and trustee
Skills: event organizing, Rus Eng, Eng Rus translation, medical IT data retrieving and analysis. Presentations for the members and nonmembers, promoting knowledge about association advantages.

June 2010 present
Genego, Inc.
Position: analyst
Skills: data mining in medical information, medical statistics, raw medical data analysis.

June 2010 August 2010
Zhukov municipal clinic
Position: Ophthalmologist
Duties: mange patients with chronic eye diseases (glaucoma, cataract, inherited conditions), organize school for patients, managing data share stream patient-doctor in distant patient care.

September 2007 September 2009
Moscow Eye Clinic, Ophthalmology department of postgraduate academy
Position : resident
Skills: diagnostics and treatment of eye diseases. Standard diagnostic and therapeutic procedures skills are acquired

February 2007 January 2010
Alcon, Inc
Position: manager
Skills: wetlabs for physicians assisting, Legacy, Infiniti, Accurus, EYESi (Vitreo Simulator) equipment service, regimen peculiarities, consumable supplies information presentation, communication with physicians.

May 2005 September 2009
Bureau of medical translations, Inc
Position : translator , freelance
Duties: medical and pharmaceutical literature translation, medical data search, statistical analysis of massive medical data.

February 2004 July 2007
Sphere Eye clinic
Position: chief doctor assistant
Opthalmic diagnostics, juridical information search, equipment service, functional diagnostics, new clinical trials search etc. multifunctional tasks.

Attended conferences and meetings as an active participant

SOE (societas ophthalmologica europaea) DOG (deutch opthalmic group) conference, Berlin 2005, IMSCNS medical meeting, Serbia 2006, ARVO (association of research in vision and ophthalmology) meeting, USA 2008, 2009, 2010. EMBC (engineers in medicine and biology conference), Vancouver , 2008, 8-th EUNOS (Europe Union of NeuroOphtalmology Society) conference 2008, Moscow , Fyodorov eye institute "Cataract and refractive surgery" 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010, Vitreoretinal surgery 2008, 2009, Moscow , Macula, meeting, Rostov-on-Don, 2008, 2010. 3-d International Nanobio Conference Zurich , Switzerland , 2010 etc.

List of publications includes 29 items. 10 of them are published in English language. 2 of them have pubmed ID.


  • Language skills: Russian native, English fluent (reading, writing, speaking), French basic
  • PC user: advanced Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook Express, Internet, SPSS, Adobe Photoshop, Corel draw, etc.
  • Drivers license . 6 years of driving experience.

Publications list

  1. Eskina EN, Budnik AP, Bondar VA, Ivanova ME. Ophthalmohypertension as a result of local steroid application after PRK Article-book Present-day condition of clinical examination system in glaucoma patients. HRT CLUB RUSSIA 2004, pp. 184-188. article in russian
  2. Eskina EN, Budnik AP, Bondar VA, Ivanova ME. Pathogenetic substantiation of Fluoromethalone application after PRK. VIII congress of Russian ophthalmologists, Moscow , 1-4 june 2005 . Article-book, pp. 274-275 article in russian
  3. Eskina EN, Doroshenko EV, Bondar VA, Ivanova ME. Prediction of functional result in treatment of patients with subretinal neovascular membrane. VIII congress of Russian ophthalmologists, Moscow , 1-4 june 2005 . Article-book, p. 677 article in russian
  4. Eskina EN, Budnik AP, Bondar VA, Ivanova ME. Steroid-induced glaucoma after excimer-laser surgery as a model of POAG Poster presentation 15-th SOE Gongress, Berlin , 25-29 September 2005. Materials of congress p.149.
  5. Eskina EN, Ivanova ME. Role of myocilin protein and its gene mutations in pathogenesis of POAG. 1-st Helmholtz Ophthalmogenetics conference, 2005 abstract-book pp. 183 - 188
  6. Ivanova ME, Eskina EN, Budnik AP, Bondar VA. Steroid-induced glaucoma after excimer-laser surgery as a model of POAG Poster presentation at ARVO Annual meeting 2006.
  7. Ivanova ME, Ortmann VV, Bazyan BKh. Evaluation of retinal and cortical implant device functionality in the neurosensoric model of artificial vision Article-book of the 1-st Russian conference "Actual problems of ophthalmology" 2006, - pp. 556-559. article in Russian
  8. Eskina EN, Stolyarenko GE, Ivanova ME. Functional characteristics of central retina region in AMD. Pilot study. Macula 2006 conference, Rostov-on-Don, pp. 402-3.
  9. Ivanova ME, T.V. Smirnova, Color Doppler and power flow imaging in evaluation of hemodynamics in patients with antiphospholipid syndrome. 1-st IMSCNS (International Medical Students? Congress - NOVI SAD ) Abstract book p.160
  10. Eskina EN, G.E. Stolyarenko, Ivanova ME. Photorefractive keratectomy (PRK) in the correction of induced ametropia after extrascleral surgery of retina detachment Materials of VII-th International conference New technologies in cataract and refractive surgery - 2006 pp. 294-98.
  11. Smirnova TV, Avetisov SE, Kozlovskaya NL, Kiselyova TN, Ivanova ME, Kravchuk EA Color Doppler imaging in evaluation of ocular dynamics in patients with antiphospholipid syndrome Refractive surgery and ophthalmology 2006 V. 6 4 (10\2006), pp. 39-42
  12. Ivanova ME, B. Kh. Bazyan, Gordeev SA, Ortmann VV Development of neurophysiologic model of artificial vision Article-book of XX meeting of Physiologic society in honor of I.P.Pavlov 2007 p.135
  13. Ivanova ME, Eskina EN, Cross-examination to norms of tonometric IOP in patients with different refractive anomalies Abstract book of the 2-nd Russian conference "Actual problems of ophthalmology" 2007
  14. Baziyan BKh, Gordeev SA, Ivanova ME, Ortmann VV. Parameters of electric irritation that induce phosphenes in feline visual cortex with implanted surface and intracortical electrodes. Bull Exp Biol Med. 2008 Jan;145(1):4-6. PMID: 19023989
  15. Bazyan BKh, Ivanova ME, Ortmann VV Evolution of functional vision prosthesis development. Different approaches (retinal, cortical). Pro et contra. // Conference of neuroophthalmology 2008, Moscow . Abstract-book p.417
  16. Ivanova ME., Baziyan BKh., Ortmann VV. Cats as laboratory animals for evaluation of microelectrode array function in visual prosthesis device ARVO annual meeting 2008 poster #D613
  17. Ivanova ME, Gordeev SA, Ortmann VV, Baziyan BKh. Evaluation of cortical visual prostheses microelectrode array function. Description of behavioral feline model Conf Proc IEEE Eng Med Biol Soc. 2008;2008:3371-4. PMID: 19163432
  18. Baziyan BKh, Ivanova ME, Gordeev SA, Ortmann VV. Cortical electrodes application for cortical visual prosthesis. Annals of clinical and experimental neurology V.3 (3) 2009 pp. 25 29.
  19. Baziyan BKh, Ivanova ME. Implants with nanosputtering properties investigation in neurophysiologic model experiments for cortical visual prosthesis development. Actual questions of biology, nanotechnology and medicine 3-d international conference. Rostov-on-Don, 2008 p.238.
  20. Ortmann VV, Baziyan BKh, Ivanova ME. Intracortical interface in cortical visual prosthesis application. Radiotechnics and electronics 2008 Vol. 1. pp. 48-51.
  21. Ivanova ME. Development of functional cortical visual prosthesis. Main questions. 12 Annual conference of higher nervous activity physiology. 2008 Abstract book, p. 48.
  22. Ivanova ME. , Baziyan BKh. Physiologic basis for feasibility of cortical visual prosthesis Advances in ophthalmology Helmholtz conference abstract-book 2008, p. 67.
  23. Baziyan BKh. Ivanova ME, Gordeev SA, Ortmann VV. Brain adaptation to cortical visual prosthesis implant Conference on neuroplasticity and interhemispheric asymmetry 2008 abstract-book. Pp. 667-8
  24. Ivanova ME. Experimental research of visual cortex electrical stimulation parameters in cortical visual prosthesis development. 13 Annual conference of higher nervous activity physiology. 2009 Abstract book, p. 34.
  25. Ivanova ME, Baziyan BKh, Ortmann VV, Gordeev SA, Efficacy of animal model in evaluation of microelectrode array functional validity in cortical visual prosthesis ARVO 2009 poster #D748.
  26. Ivanova ME, Baziyan BKh., Gordeev SA. Parameters of stimulation with visual cortical prosthesis in behavioral feline model ARVO 2010 poster #D1126
  27. Ivanova ME, Gordeyev SA, Baziyan BKh Requirements to structure, material components and surface properties of implantable brain-computer interface for cortical vision prosthesis Abstract book of 3-d International Nanobio Conference Zurich, Switzerland, and European Cells and Materials Vol. 20. Suppl. 3, 2010 (page 17) ISSN 1473-2262
  28. Baziyan BKh, Ivanova ME, Gordeev SA. Stimulation limits in epi- and intracortical electrodes in cortical visual prosthesis XXI meeting of Physiologic society in honor of I.P.Pavlov
  29. Baziyan BKh. Ivanova ME, Gordeev SA, Ortmann VV. Principal questions of cortical visual functions prosthesis Neurophysiologic conference, 2010 Sudak , Ukraine , abstract-book, p. 23.
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